Digitization Has Not Weakened the Love for Notebooks

This is the age of digitization and the move is to make paperless offices. Yet you find your friends and even family members flaunting a notebook in their hand to scribble events or situations which they consider as very important. Here comes the relevance of notebooks in this age of digitization. You note a situation and quickly open the Clairefontaine Basic Notebooks to record the event. Interestingly, notebooks have a history dating back to several centuries. According to a legend, the modern notebook owes its origin to the legal pad evolved by Thomas W. Holley of Holyoke, Massachusetts.

Clairefontaine Basic Notebooks


It was during 1888 that Holley collected paper scraps and stitched them together and started selling them as legal pads. From then on the notebooks took greater transformations. Now, the Clairefontaine Basic Notebooks are so versatile that the notepads are elaborately informative and are made of very good quality paper so that you can preserve the pads for a considerably longer duration.

Cost Effective

The Clairefontaine notebook is a simple book which is lightweight, easy to handle and does not require any electricity or battery power to open or make notes on the book. As far as the cost is concerned, a notebook costs only a fraction of your tablet. You get wonderful Clairefontaine Basic Notebooks for as low as $9.95!

Notebook and Laptop

All that you require is a pen to scribble on the book. Now, a section of notebook enthusiasts make small notes on the notebook and make a detailed recording of the notes on their laptop or computers.

Consistency in Notebook Selection

The notebooks are available in different designs and sizes like the leuctturm1917 notebook, premium book and so on. But, you must buy notebooks of consistent size year after year so that they also help you to evolve consistency in the pattern of recording your notes in the notebook. You may also use different fountain pen ink colors so as to highlight events or points based on their importance.

Personalized Notebooks

Notebooks are now personalized for being used by groups of professionals. Accordingly, different categories of notebooks have been introduced like the legal notebook, laboratory notebook, engineers’ notebook and so on. Each of these different professional notebooks is exclusively designed to suit the professional needs of those using the notebooks. Further, the notebook also contains useful information relating to the profession. For example, the engineers’ notebook may contain conversion table of length, weight and so on. In addition to these, there are personal or general notebooks which are of use for general purposes. Even the general purpose notebook contains lots of useful information of general nature, like, for example, useful phone numbers like that of police, fire services and so on.

Types of Binding

The notebooks are now available in attractive colors. Further, in order to ensure durability, the notebooks are exclusively bound. Some of the binding methods normally used are spiral binding, padding, lamination binding and leather binding and so on.


The notebook is a very useful tool to record important events, moments of joy, sorrow, achievements and what not. If you are not in the habit of recording on the notebook, start it today. All that you are required to do is visit https://notedian.com/product/clairefontaine-basic-notebooks-side-clothbound-welastic-closure-6-x-8-%C2%BC-lined-green-96-sheets/ and buy a suitable notebook.

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