Have fun at your hen party!

Hen weekends are usually spent in places that are popular and there are many popular places globally where you can travel and enjoy. You can choose the place to have those exciting hen nights by going through websites like https://www.infinityweekends.co.uk

What is a hen party

A hen party is an informal party for women that is held for a bride-to-be shortly before she gets married. These parties are the female equivalent of a male party called the stag party. There are many parties where you can have stag weekends abroad and these have gained the appreciation due to a variety of fun activities. In the same manner, there are many types of hen party games.

There are many cities in the world that promote exciting and unique concepts for a hen night abroad. A group of women can celebrate the party outside the area of their stay carefree and with complete freedom and pure enjoyment.

Varieties of hen party games

The many exciting hen nights would add fun to the overall experience. There would be many hen parties during the summer and the aim is to create a unique one that will prove memorable through time. Dance sessions like belly dancing would add spice to the fun. Bubble football is another game that adds a difference to the party. The upper parts of the players are encased in giant inflatable bubbles and you would leave the field laughing and bouncing. It is a good workout also. Dodge ball is another ball game that would add more fun. The dodge ball is soft and there is no need to worry about being hit by the ball. You can learn circus skills like juggling, plate spinning and you can even try working on hilarious looking outfits.

Popular hen party games

Escape games are for those who love fun and thrill, and do like to use analytical mind and are looking always for challenges. You will be asked to enter a room and asked to solve a puzzle with some clues. There would be a time limit for the challenge and you are supposed to uncrack the puzzle by that time.

Murder mystery is another popular game. This game usually takes place in the evening after a fabulous dinner. This is also a game that is played when you are celebrating those hen weekends abroad. The supposed murder usually takes place in a private room and you can have a fun time searching for the murderer.

Fans of horror and adrenaline junkies can definitely try ghost tour. You can make a visit to some of the darkest destinations and you can have a fun time on the exciting hen nights. See more at Infinity Weekends

Hen party ideas

Sumo party is a game that is fun. Women should wear sumo style dresses and play football. The other fun game is the bulldog race where other girls would try to catch you and you have to run away from them to win. Spill game is another game that you can try. That means you would have to fall in a water pool and have fun. If you enjoy getting wet, then this is the ideal game for you.

A bridal shower is always fun if well-executed. There are many varieties and funny ideas that you can try!

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