Escaped cow runs loose through Illinois streets

Police in Illinois put their cowboy skills to the test when a loose cow went wandering in traffic and led officers on a chase.

Elgin police, Elgin animal control and South Elgin police responded Tuesday when a loose cow was spotted wandering loose in traffic, and they determined the bovine had escaped from a trailer while being transported to its new home.

Witness Julian Quezada captured video of the cow wandering through traffic in a busy road.

Police tied one end of a rope to the trailer hitch of a Ford Expedition squad vehicle and tied the other end into a lasso while pursuing the bovine through multiple streets.

The officers were eventually able to get the lasso around the animal’s neck.

“We wrangled it like Yellowstone cowboys,” South Elgin Officer Jennifer Miklitsch told The Daily Herald newspaper.

The cow was successfully returned to the trailer after about two hours, police said.